Sunday, April 15, 2012

A Bright & Sunny Day

It took my husband and son about half an hour to clear the drive and the gate areas so that we could head in to town yesterday.  We had drifts up to 2 feet in spots and probably a good foot just on the drive.

The other side of town didn't seem to receive as much snow and the cattle don't seem to mind it one bit.

Since our neck of the woods are all non-county maintained roads, we're on our own to get up and down the mountain.  Thank goodness for 4-wheel drive!


This morning we woke to clear, sunny skies and the forecast is calling for the mid 60's by tomorrow.  You gotta love the California mountains!

And since the craft show has been rescheduled for two weeks, Heather is right - it'll give me lots more time to crank out some socks and maybe even make some little purses.


Caffeine Girl said...

And we think weather changes quickly in Wisconsin!

Sue said...

Well you sure did get the show. I haven't checked the weather but I wonder if you got the heat we got down south here this week and especially today.