Saturday, March 31, 2012

A Week Off and the Garden Started.....

This past week went well watching the new little girls.  3 days found me good and tired, but a good kind of tired!  Next week my daughter is off so I'll have a week's vacation.

With that, we decided to build our first raised garden bed today.  This one holds 4 different types of lettuce and hopefully is insect and critter proof.  We put down chicken wire underneath the soil and then used window screening for the removable top.  Rocks are necessary to hold it in place because of our high winds.

Would you believe 3 squirrels watched us from the back of the property.  I'm sure they'll try to sneak in later on, but this will be a good test before we build anymore of these boxes.

They measure 4' by 8' by 12" tall.  We'll also build some out of concrete blocks so that we can make them deeper as the various veggies grow.

After hauling dirt, lifting these heavy planks of wood and recuperating from this past week, we took our Aleve and will call it a day! 

1 comment:

Iesadora said...

You deserve a hot bath with epsom salts to go with your aleve!

Can you make a frame for the screen with a latch on each side to keep it down? IF you get a good gust at a slightly different direction and it could grab the screen and rip it out from under the rocks. Just a thought =D

It looks good, you guys did a great job!! I'm looking forward to seeing the lettuce starting to grow =D