Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spring and Summer Events

Step sock yarn is one of my favorite yarns to work with.  And the colors are always so much fun.  When you have a small business like ours, it's nice to be able to buy what they call "color packs."  Instead of buying a bag of 10 - 12 skeins of the same color, you can purchase one that gives you 2 skeins in 5 or 6 different colors.  I love variety and this gives us a nice assortment to offer.

Last year we did a craft show that benefited the Bear Valley Springs Pony Club and did remarkably well.  So, I've decided to try it again with the help of my husband and son!  Fortunately, I have a pretty good inventory of socks and have plenty of time to make even more. (April 14th is the big day) 

Then all summer long will be our farmer's market and we may even do that each week.  That can be a bit exhausting, but my son Rick, is a great helper and he really enjoys doing such things.  Having special needs, Rick seems to need a daily outing adventure and activites to look forward to.  And the farmer's market does just that for him!


Leslie said...

Where is your farmer's market located? I live in Sacramento, but am always up for a road trip.

Kathy at Knitting Off The Grid said...

Hi Leslie,
Our farmers' is every Thursday from 4 - 7 p.m. Lots of fresh fruits and veggies and crafts! Hope I'll see you there this summer. It starts sometime in June.

Leslie said...

what's the address?