Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day and Our Winner Is..........................

The lucky name randomly drawn was Lynda from Ontario, Canada (Everyday Life!).  Congratulations Lynda!  I hope we've made your Valentine's Day a little more wonderful.  If you'll write me at tehachapisockcompany@gmail.com with your mailing address, I'll send this fun sock yarn to you.

We finally got a good dusting of snow overnight with some very cool temps.  Living off the grid is always an adventure, especially with laundry.  I do have a dryer, but use it only in emergencies.  Instead, I prefer to dry the clothes by our pellet stove.  My husband always laughs at his "stiff" jeans and t-shirts!

And as with almost every storm that comes our way, a glitch with our off grid system is sure to appear.  About 5:20 last night, our entire power system went down.  At first we thought it was the battery to the generator, but my husband now suspects it's the alternator.  When he got home at 6, he took the battery out of the Jeep and hooked the generator up to it.  That'll keep us going for a few days until he can get the new part delivered.  In the meantime, he'll have the old battery recharged.  Of course, that now leaves us down to one vehicle - guess I'll just have to stay home and knit!

In knitting news:  I've been busy cranking out socks on our antique sock machine for our Etsy shop.

 And cranking.

And cranking!

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Lynda said...

I was so excited to arrive home today and find a tag on my door telling me there was a parcel waiting for me to pick it up. Actually, my hubby went for me as I got into my pj's right away (long day)...lol.
Talk about excited. I love the yarn! It is beautiful, in fact more beautiful then the picture showed. Thank you so very much! Can't wait to make some socks with it! It is gorgeous and colours I would pick out for sure.